Can You Fight a DUI Charge?

A DUI charge is more serious than you think, it can mean jail time, stiff fines and you can lose your job.  You may be wondering if you should plead guilty or can you fight a DUI charge.  The short answer…it depends.  Let’s take a closer look at what happens when you are charged with DUI and what you should do.

Getting Charged

Call a lawyer as soon as you possibly can and don’t make any statements or try and talk your way out of it in the meantime.  Get advice from an attorney as soon as possible before you decide whether to plead guilty or not.  Sometimes you can get the charges reduced in exchange for a guilty plea, it saves the court time and money.  A plead deal as it is called may help you to avoid jail time but there will still be consequences that come with any conviction.  How you go forward will in part depend on what your blood alcohol level was when you were arrested.  The legal limit in most states is 0.08 and if you test at that it may be defensible.  If you test 0.15 or higher, then you need an attorney immediately.

If You are Convicted

Years ago, DUI charges weren’t taken that seriously and the most you would expect was a fine.  That is definitely not the case anymore; in fact the penalties for DUI convictions are pretty harsh.  You will lose your license, pay fines, and possible do jail time and that is just for starters.  When you are eligible to get your license back you will have to have a device installed in your vehicle to make sure you aren’t driving while drinking.  You may have to attend counselling and pay for the privilege.

Can You Fight the Charges?

As a defendant you have the right to fight any charges against you, the question is whether it is worth it or not.  That’s where you attorney earns his fees.  They will look over your case and determine if there have been any errors in procedures that warrant dismissal, bear in mind that is a rare occurrence.  They will also look at the facts and determine what defense you may have. Most of the time your lawyer can secure a guilty plea for you in exchange for a reduced sentence or to possibly skip a custodial sentence altogether.

DUI charges are serious and can impact the rest of your life, if you have been charged with a drunk driving offence then contact a lawyer promptly.  It is your best option.